Is Your Air Conditioning's Expansion Valve Faulty?

Posted on: 26 May 2017

If you have an air conditioning system, you probably do not give it any mind unless it starts to malfunction. However, this neglect increases the risk of your air conditioning system going on the decline. One of the components that a majority of homeowners is not even aware of is the expansion valve. This component is designed to function as a cut-off valve for your heating and cooling system. In the event that the expansion valves has become faulty, your HVAC system will not be able to turn off when the temperatures are too high. This failure to regulate the temperature will also accelerate the deterioration of your unit. So how can you tell if your air conditioning's expansion valve is faulty?

Your air conditioning system's coils keep freezing

When your air conditioning system is in operation, it will circulate liquid through the different coils of the unit. The liquid is at extremely low temperatures to cool the air around it, and the fan then blows this air throughout your premises via the vent system. The unit's expansion valve will work to regulate the temperatures inside the unit to ensure that the coils are not at risk of freezing due to the cold liquid. However, if your expansion valve has become faulty, it loses its ability to carry out this task. As a result, the coils starts to freeze due to the extremely low temperatures. If you find that your unit's coils are always freezing over, it would be prudent to call an electrical contractor to check out your unit.

Your air conditioning system is running continuously

HVAC systems contain an assortment of components whose primary function is to monitor the ambient temperature of both the exterior and interior of the unit to ensure that your air conditioning system is not at risk of overheating. When certain temperatures are reached, be it extremely high or extremely low, these devices are supposed to signal the air conditioning unit to shut down automatically. The expansion valve is one of those devices tasked with ensuring that the operational temperature of your system stays at optimum. If the expansion valve cannot detect the temperature changes, your air conditioning unit will continue to run on a continuous cycle. Some homeowners may assume that manually turning the system of will solve the problem. In reality, the inability to cycle of will eventually affect the integrity of your system.

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