Reasons to Stick with One Locksmith for your Business Premises

Posted on: 29 May 2017

As a business owner, you might find yourself locked out of your office because of lost keys or a damaged lock. In such a case, business operations come to a standstill until the door is pried open by a locksmith. Most important, however, is the fact that losing keys poses a security risk since you does not know who is in their possession or their intentions. Therefore, locksmiths play a significant role to the business owner. However, just like your physician, it is critical to maintain one locksmith. This article highlights key reasons why you need to choose a locksmith that you trust and stick with them.

Record Keeping -- No matter the number of times they repair locks, locksmiths will keep meticulous records of every client in their books. These documents are necessary because, in most cases, you will not manage to keep track of the number of key copies to your offices especially if you have used the services of a locksmith on several occasions. Since your office holds valuables at any given time, knowing the exact number of keys to your office door or cabinet is crucial to the security of your business. In this regard, having many locksmiths will make it difficult to keep track of the number of key copies you have.

You Know who Has Key Copies -- In addition to knowing how many key copies you have, maintaining a single locksmith also gives you the opportunity to know exactly who is in possession of the copies. If you have one locksmith who takes care of all locks and keys to your premise, then you would know where to look with certainty in case something goes wrong, for instance, a break in. However, if you maintain multiple service providers, you will lose track of who has the copies. Consequently, accountability is compromised regarding security.

 Saves Time -- It is true that professional locksmiths know their stuff and a problematic lock might not intimidate them. However, there is an advantage in having a tried and tested locksmith who understands the inner workings of your premises lock system. Therefore, if one locksmith tweaks your lock in a manner that only he understands, having another locksmith look at the lock next time there is a problem will only waste valuable time. A lot of time might be spent trying to understand a unique lock setting that is in place. On the other hand, a consistent locksmith will know exactly where to start.

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