Why You Should Apply Concrete Kerb Sealers

Posted on: 29 May 2017

Some owners of commercial properties may not seal concrete kerbing once it has been installed due to several reasons, such as lack of awareness of the value of sealing such an installation. This article discusses some of the reasons why it would be beneficial for you to use a sealer once the kerbs have been installed on your commercial property.

Widening Colour Options

Concrete sealers allow property owners to alter the appearance of the kerbs during the service life of that landscaping material. Sealers can be clear or coloured. The coloured sealers are an easy way to change the appearance of the concrete kerbing without having to install new coloured kerbs. You will, therefore, miss the opportunity of changing the visual appeal of your kerbing in a cost-effective way if you don't use sealers.

Reducing Your Liability

An additive can be added into a sealing product in order to increase the non-slip qualities of the kerbing. These additives can help property owners to reduce the likelihood that they will be sued in case someone is injured after slipping on the concrete kerbing. It is, therefore, a smart move to apply a sealer with non-slip additives in this increasingly litigious society.

Added Longevity

Sealers prevent moisture from penetrating the pores in the concrete kerbing. In this way, the kerbs will be protected from various defects, such as pitting, spalling and salt damage. This protection results from the penetration of the pores by the sealer so that those pores cannot be penetrated by water. It will, therefore, take longer for that concrete kerbing to degrade due to environmental factors. This added longevity will lower the total cost of ownership since you will incur lower costs for the ongoing maintenance of that kerbing.

Fewer Health Risks

Concrete kerbing that hasn't been sealed can be a haven for mould and mildew. This is because the moisture that penetrates the pores in the concrete takes long to dry out completely. Biological matter, such as mould, can easily grow in such a moist environment. Various health risks, such as cases of allergic reactions, can be averted if the kerbing is sealed in order to prevent the accumulation of moisture in the concrete.

As you can see, many benefits accrue from applying a sealing product once concrete kerbing has cured. It is advisable for you to enlist the help of a commercial kerbing professional so that the most appropriate sealing product is selected and applied correctly on the kerbs on your commercial property.


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