4 Reasons Open-Water Swimmers Should Consider Installing an Endless Swimming Pool

Posted on: 30 May 2017

For many people, the backyard pool is a relaxing place to chill out during hotter weather more than a place to exercise. However, those who want a pool to train for open-water swimming are likely to have the opposite view.

If you do want to train for open-water swimming and are thinking of installing a pool to that end, consider investing in an endless pool. These are very short and thin pools that use a motor to create resistance. Turn it on, and the water starts pushing you backwards, meaning you can keep swimming forwards without actually going anywhere – it's like a kind of aquatic treadmill.

Here are just four ways an endless pool can help you train for open-water swimming.

1. Variable Intensity

When you use an endless pool, you can change the level of intensity you need to work at by adjusting the amount of water resistance you need to swim against. This is ideal for training sessions since it allows you to properly build up your strength and cardiovascular fitness. Over time, you can gradually increase your resistance in order to become fitter.

2. Mimics Real-World Conditions

Probably the biggest limitation that comes with swimming in a regular pool is that the water doesn't replicate natural conditions. This isn't as much of a problem if you like to race in normal swimming pools, but any stretch of open water is going to have currents to deal with. You need to get used to fighting against even slight currents, and an endless pool allows you to do just that by providing resistance. Additionally, you'll get used to swimming long distances without having those little breaks when you turn at the end of the pool and push off.

3. Instant Feedback

It can be very hard to get feedback on your swimming technique. Even in a regular pool, you can only be seen by a coach when you swim past; that happens quickly, so it's hard for your technique to be analysed. It's even harder to see how you perform across open water since there is very rarely a way to stand over a swimmer. Endless pools are ideal for working with trainers since they can stand right over you, analyse how you're moving your body at all times, and then give you tips to improve. If you don't have a trainer, you can always ask someone to video you – then you can provide your own critique.

4. Pushing Yourself Without Danger

Swim training can be dangerous when you're dealing with open-water conditions. You have to push yourself to improve, but you might run out of steam far out from the land or find that you develop a cramp after pushing harder than normal. In either case, the situation is serious. An endless pool lets you develop your technique and push yourself to new levels of intensity, but you'll never be in danger.


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