Epoxy Flooring Is a Must-Do for Your Warehouse: 4 Reasons Why

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Warehouses are a great asset for any business owner. A properly managed warehouse means that you will have a constant supply of products for your clients whenever they check into your store. Considering that your firm's warehouse will be a beehive of activity, you need a floor that can stand up to all the operational rigours involved. There will be heavy pedestrian traffic from the warehousing and procurement staff, alongside machines like forklifts used to facilitate the operations of the warehouse. If you are looking for a material to coat the floor of your warehouse, epoxy will certainly not disappoint. The following is a look at some of the reasons why: 

Higher Levels of Productivity

It might sound unreal, but a good coating on the floor of your warehouse does a lot of good in terms of productivity. Epoxy is a plastic, adhesive or form of paint made using thermosetting polymers that contain epoxide groups. These components give epoxy a reflective quality that helps improve the illumination in the room. Just so you know, the coating on your floor plays a big role in the quality of illumination in the room. Epoxy's reflective qualities enable it to spread light more effectively within the workplace, and the warehousing staff will not have to rely on portable flashlights to see items lying in tight spaces and poorly lit corners. This will shorten cycle or delivery time by a great deal.

Better Aesthetics

The warehouse isn't one of those places where you need to invest heavily in terms of aesthetics. However, a professional look will give a good impression of your warehouse and portray the seriousness with which you handle your storage operations. Epoxy is available in a range of colours that you can match with the front or back office surrounding. Use it to hide the boring traditional concrete surfaces and red oxide finishes used in warehouses. You will also be able to cover up construction flaws such as minor cracks and fissures. Lastly, the fact that you can use different colours means that you can demarcate areas for pedestrians, forklifts and other machines to ease operations.  

Epoxy Is Easy to Maintain

For a place that dealing with heavy traffic, you need a surface that is easy to clean and resistant to staining. Epoxy finishes are smooth, non-porous and easy to wipe them free of dirt, debris and dust. Non-porosity prevents infestation by moisture dependent bacteria and mould that thrive in cracks and floor fissures. This keeps your warehouse hygienic.


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