Four Things To Look For In A Warehouse Labourer

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Finding people to work in and staff your warehouses can be a bit of a complicated thing. You don't need people with tonnes of experience or qualifications, after all, and it's a great 'starter job' for people who don't have a lot of working history--so how can you be sure that you're hiring employees who will be right for you? Here are the top four things to keep an eye out for.

  1. People with a long history in one club or extracurricular. You can't tell anything about a person from their working history if they don't have any--so what do they have? Applicants who stuck with the same group all through their school career--be that band, football, chess club or something else--clearly have the sticking power and dedication you want in an employee.

  2. Anyone who expresses an interest in strength training. Warehouses are busy places and your employees are likely to need to engage in plenty of manual labour. Sports fans and strength trainers are generally pretty good at and enthusiastic about this, so don't be afraid to ask if your applicants enjoy going to the gym in their spare time. Don't rely on a visual impression for this--plenty of people turn out to be a great deal stronger than they look at first glance!

  3. Short-term employees with keen, realistic ambitions. If you're looking for employees on a short term basis--to cover a seasonal rush, for example--keep an eye out for applications from people hoping to go on to academic pursuits that will require a lot of dedication or who would like to apply to a prestigious university or apprenticeship. These people need their resumes to look fantastic, so they're likely to work as hard as possible to get the references that they need.

  4. Anyone whose working history comes in large chunks. Most of the tips on this list start from the assumption that your applicants are young people with short working histories--and many of them will be. However, you're also likely to get a few hopefuls who are well into middle age and find themselves in need of new work. These people tend to find it hard to get another job, so consider them carefully and don't become part of the problem by dismissing them out of hand! Those whose working histories contain long periods of time in a small number of jobs are almost always going to be dedicated hard workers looking to stay with you for the long haul.

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