Tips to Ensure Proper Use of Hired Walk-In Bins

Posted on: 30 May 2017

Those who need to use a sizeable bin to remove rubbish from their property should consider renting a walk-in bin. As the name implies, a walk-in bin comes with a door (located at the rear end) to allow people to walk right into the bin and dispose of their rubbish. But once the bin begins to get filled up, its door will need to be securely closed before loading can be completed. 

If you intend to hire a walk-in bin for your rubbish disposal and it's going to be your first time, there are things you should know beforehand to ensure proper use of the bin:

Bin placement

If you are going to use a walk-in bin, you will need to find not just any spot but the right spot for its placement. As mentioned earlier, walk-in bins are, by design, large in size. Therefore, you will need to make sure you have enough space on your property to place the bin. The path leading towards the bin door should be free of any physical obstructions so you can easily walk into and out of the bin. In addition, there should be sufficient walking space around the bin so that you can fill up the bin once the door is securely closed. 

Aside from being large, walk-in bins can also be quite heavy, and they will only get heavier with each bag of waste you place inside them. For that reason, it is important to place them on a hard, level ground — most driveways can handle this. 

Bin loading

Like other bins, walk-in bins should never be overloaded. Overloading would lead to spillage of rubbish here and there when a loaded bin is being hauled away. As you are filling up your bin, a good point to stop would be when you realise that your rubbish is almost close to the rim of the bin. If you overfill your bin, your bin provider will most likely not haul it away on the agreed collection date and you will be forced to keep the bin on your property until you've taken out the extra waste.

Before renting a walk-in bin, find out what type of waste you should and shouldn't throw in it. Bin providers usually specify what type of waste is acceptable and not acceptable. Usually, the 'unacceptable' waste items are considered to be hazardous. 

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