How to Maximise Your Chances of Getting a Rental Bond Back

Posted on: 15 June 2017

If you're renting your house or apartment, you most likely had to pay a rental bond or security deposit when you first moved in. The idea is that, if you break the terms of your lease or cause damage to the property, the owner is covered for some of the financial impact of this when you move out.

Although you may be thinking that ensuring a return of your bond is as simple as being careful not to set fire to carpets or make huge holes in the walls, the deductible problems aren't limited to serious damage. If you want to have the best possible chance of getting that money back when you move on, take care to leave the property in excellent condition and follow these tips.

Keep up to date

When you first move in, you should be provided with a detailed inventory that gives information on the condition of the property and any appliances that are present. It's important that you note down any existing damage or missing items you notice so you're not blamed for them at a later date.

Throughout your tenancy, you should keep the landlord updated with any problems or changes in the property, such as broken down appliances or damaged walls. This allows you to mutually sort out the issue rather than losing your bond when you leave.

Clean up

At the end of your tenancy, you need to make sure the place is cleaned thoroughly. This is often a clause in the agreement, but even if it isn't, you may be liable for cleaning costs when you move. It needs to be more than a cursory dust and wipe down – everything should be spotless and as it was when you moved in.

Don't forget the carpets

It's worth hiring a carpet cleaning machine or a professional to ensure your carpets are left spotless. They can often discolour more than you notice throughout the period of occupation.

Check what's missing

Make sure anything you've moved, replaced or thrown away that was there when you moved in is accounted for. It's better to alert the landlord in advance than it is to let them discover missing items on their own.

Stay on top of your payments

The bond may be used for taking any unpaid rent or bills, so keep on top of them throughout the period of your tenancy, and make sure you get everything up to date before you move out.

For more information on end of lease cleaning, contact a local service.


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