4 Compelling Reasons to Pick Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops

Posted on: 22 June 2017

There are plenty of kitchen benchtop materials to consider, from classic marble to modern stainless steel. If you take a closer look at what's on offer, you'll also find a wealth of unexpected options, and one of the newest is porcelain.

If the idea of using porcelain for your kitchen benchtop sounds a little odd, that's probably simply because the idea is still relatively novel. Truth be told, the material comes with a wide range of benefits, and here are just four.

1. It's Extremely Durable

Porcelain is a ceramic that is made using a blend of natural materials. Those materials are fused together at extremely high temperatures in a process very similar to the natural formation of stone, except the process happens extremely quickly instead of over thousands of years, and without the creation of any natural flaws. As such, the material is extremely hard. In fact, it's even harder than granite, which means your benchtops should last a very long time indeed.

2. It's Hard to Mark

Porcelain benchtops are hard to mark as well as hard to break. Unlike natural stone, it doesn't need to be sealed and won't be damaged by certain chemicals. Its hardness makes it very tough for scratches to be created - you'll actually be able to cut directly on the benchtop without worry. Even more importantly for use in the kitchen, porcelain is resistant to high temperatures, so it won't be marked if you leave a hot pan on its surface.

3. It's Very Flexible

Porcelain can be made almost any way you want it. These are plenty of colours and shades available, and the surface can even be patterned to replicate the look for a material like marble. Beyond purely cosmetic concerns, porcelain is versatile in its construction. It can be made very thin, so you can have it installed over your current counters. It's also very light, so single slabs can be made to cover larger areas without showing any joins. Its lightness also helps prevent any damage to the underlying structure.

4. It's Eco-Friendly

It's always nice to go eco-friendly when you can, and porcelain benchtops are surprisingly good for the environment. Though a manufactured rather than natural material, porcelain requires the use of no hazardous chemicals or resins during the manufacturing process. Additionally, it can be recycled when you're finally done with it since it is mainly made using natural clay. Of course, its exceptional longevity means you shouldn't have to think about replacing your benchtops for many years to come.


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