Quick Tips for Hiring the Right Skip Bin

Posted on: 24 June 2017

One of the most effective waste disposal solutions is the use of skip bins. Whether you need to get rid of commercial and industrial waste, garden waste or simply household rubbish, skip bins will make this an easier process for you. However, the secret to getting the full advantage of skip bins is finding the right one for the job. With these tips, finding the perfect skip bin for your various rubbish disposal situations will be easy.

Pay Attention to Your Council Regulations

Understanding your local area laws is important when hiring skip bins. This is because in some regions, placing skip bins on public land areas such as pathways, roads and easements is illegal. By being aware of such regulations, you will avoid getting yourself on the wrong side of the law by either avoiding placing your skip bin in such places or getting a permit if you really have to.

Choose Your Skip Bin Size Carefully

One of the significant elements when it comes to hiring a skip bin is getting the right size. A skip bin that's too small means you will have to overfill it, and this is usually unacceptable. You may have to pay some extra fees. On the other hand, one that's too big means the bin will be collected before you fill it completely, which would be a waste since you pay more for larger bins.

To ensure neither of these things happen, you need to estimate the amount of waste you have and hire a skip bin that is slightly larger than what you think will suffice, because you might add some more waste before the collection day. Some skip bin hire companies may be more than willing to do the estimates for you. Therefore, when shopping around the local skip bin hire companies, find out if they offer professional support or advice when it comes to estimating the size of the skip bins.

Understand the Type of Waste You Are Disposing Of

Skip bins are designed for different kinds of waste to make it easy for the waste companies to perform operations such as recycling. For this reason, you need to know the kind of waste you are disposing of and inform the skip bin hire company for you to be given the right skip bin for the job. Some of the common categories of waste include garden waste, household waste and general waste. It's crucial that you understand these types of wastes because using a skip bin for the wrong type of waste can result in extra charges or your waste not being picked up at all.

The kind of waste you have will also help you find the right skip bin in terms of configuration. For instance, if you are removing relatively heavy waste such as bricks, concrete blocks or old furniture, you may find a skip bin with removable sides or doors more practical.


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