What You Need to Know About Residential Demolition

Posted on: 29 June 2017

Residential demolition can be a good choice if you have a home that's beyond repair, or if it simply cannot be renovated in such a way that it would be comfortable for you. In some cases, a demolition can also increase the value of the land, as a developer may want the land parcel itself and not an older home along with it. Whatever your reasons for considering residential demolition, note a few factors to consider so you know this is the right choice for you and know what to discuss with a demolition contractor. 

Demolition is not a DIY job

Even if you've had experience in tearing down a shed or other such structure on your property or have used a backhoe for digging up a garden, you don't want to think that you can manage a crane and demolition work. Safely demolishing a home is about more than just tearing through it, as you need to remember that wiring and plumbing pipes all begin outside the home and are then connected to pieces inside. You can easily pull up those wires and pipes and cause damage to the property just by trying to pull down the house itself.

It's also easy for a structure to collapse when you least expect it, kicking up dust, sending debris flying out toward you, and otherwise making the jobsite unsafe, even creating a fire risk. Always rely on a professional for demolition work, even if the home is small and already collapsed in certain areas.

Demolition can be eco-friendly

If you're afraid of the waste that is created with demolition, ask about an interior demolition; this refers to the interior material being removed by hand before the structure is razed. This allows a demolition contractor to remove items that are recyclable, and he or she should be able to do the same with the home's structure itself. This keeps that waste out of landfills and provides salvaged material for new projects.

Demolition can include buildings other than a home

If you have a well, septic tank, caravan, pool, or any other structure on your property that you want removed, you can have these demolished just like a home. A demolition contractor can raze actual structures or dig up items like wells, tearing them apart so that they're easy to transport. Before you assume that you are simply stuck with these structures on your property, of if you're not sure who to call to have them removed, discuss your options with a demolition contractor.


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