Three Reasons Why A Custom Builder May Be The Best Option For Your New Home

Posted on: 30 June 2017

There are multitudes of home building companies that operate within Australia at the present time. Most offer well-built, spacious and modern homes that have broad appeal to many people. If you're building a new home, then you may have considered using one of these building companies to construct it. However, there are three reasons why choosing a company that can provide you with a unique custom designed home might be the better option.

1. You are building on a non-standard block 

A large percentage of new homes are built on blocks of land within purpose built subdivisions. These blocks are uniform in size, flat and designed to accommodate the standard design of many home building companies. If your chosen block of land varies from this norm, then you will most likely need to have your home custom built to fit your block.

Rural properties, bush blocks and blocks with a steep or irregular gradient are usually plots that aren't suited to general home building companies. You'll need a builder that can design, plan and erect a home that fits your non-standard block perfectly and is creative in the way that the building sits on the land.

2. You want to build a sustainable home

Modern building regulations mean that all new homes built in Australia meet strict criteria for certain aspects of sustainable building. Adequate insulation is compulsory for all new dwellings, and most home building companies provide solar energy systems on request for a significantly reduced price.

If you want to build a home that goes beyond the compulsory sustainability standards, then a custom built home is your best option. Along with insulation and solar power, you can also incorporate sustainable features such as on-site sewage treatment, rainwater collection, recycled building materials and thermal mass properties.

3. You want to create a unique and personalised home

Standard home designs are well thought out, functional and attractive. Many companies will also allow you to play around with their designs to a certain degree to obtain a better layout for your lifestyle. However, even with these tweaks, you'll still end up with a house that is virtually indistinguishable from numerous others that have been built by the same company.

If you'd like a home that is ideally suited to your personal requirements and is a unique and beautiful dwelling, then a custom built home can provide you with this. As well as taking your aesthetic preferences into consideration, a custom home builder can also tailor make the space to provide you with a seamless, intuitive and highly functional home that is a true pleasure to live in.


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