How to Ensure Proper Concrete Curing

Posted on: 11 July 2017

Are you planning a DIY concrete project on your property? Read on and discover some of the measures that you can use to ensure that the concrete will cure properly despite any adverse conditions, such as high temperatures, which may be existing at the time of the pour.

Curing Compounds

These are products that are formulated to prevent moisture loss in freshly poured concrete. They are applied just like you would apply a coating on a wall or a floor. The curing compound forms a membrane that averts any moisture loss that would have occurred during the curing process of the concrete. You should read the product literature that is provided so that you are certain that the use of the compound will not hinder the application of the coating or finishing product that you want to use on the concrete.

Plastic Sheeting

Another simple method that you can use to prevent excessive moisture loss during the curing process is plastic sheeting. These sheets can be different colours depending on the ambient conditions. For example, you can use dark-coloured sheeting if you poured the concrete during cold weather. The dark sheets will absorb the heat needed to facilitate the curing process. However, care must be taken to ensure that any other activities that are taking place at the construction site don't damage the sheeting. The other shortcoming of this method is that you may still need to provide additional moisture on the concrete as it cures.

Water Sprinkling

You can also use a fog spray or a water sprinkler to keep the sheen of curing concrete intact. Any excess water that ends up on the concrete will usually drain off. However, the method is tedious because one must keep monitoring the concrete in order to sprinkle more water once signs of drying emerge. Furthermore, the wind can keep causing the water on some parts of the concrete to dry up faster than on other parts. This can cause uneven curing of the concrete.


Geotextiles can also be bought from hardware stores and placed on the newly poured concrete surface in order to reduce the rate at which moisture may be lost during the curing process. These geotextiles can be removed and used again on other projects. You may need to apply limited amounts of water on the fabric in order to keep it moist throughout the curing duration.

Each of the moisture retention methods above is best suited to a particular situation. It is therefore wise for you to talk to concreters in your area so that you can be advised about the most suitable product for your specific project.


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