Modern Nomad: the Freedom of a Transportable Home

Posted on: 20 October 2017

While many couples and families long for the stability of a fixed home, there are also many people who'd rather not be tied down.  Investing in a transportable home allows you this flexibility without sacrificing your material comfort – and they can often be cheaper than traditional homes.  However, it's not as simple as just purchasing a home and then moving wherever you like.  Here's everything you need to know before you invest in a transportable home for yourself or your family.

Space is Limited

In order for a home to be transportable logistically, it needs to be fairly small in comparison to a traditional house.  Whether you consider this cramped or cosy is up to you.  You'll just need to make a choice before you purchase your home.  Do you want it to be easy to move, or would you prefer more space when you stop?  This may depend on how often you wish to move your home.  Are you planning to lay your roots for five years at every stop?  If so, then the extra space may well be worth a little extra difficulty and expense on moving days.

You Can't Stop Anywhere

If you want to utilise the home comforts of running water, electricity and a plumbing system – which presumably, you do! – then you won't be able to just place your future home wherever you like.  You'll need to rent land that has hookups built in for you and essentially plug your home in.  While this may sound limiting, it's not as bad as it sounds; many pieces of land will have these things available for you.  Just be aware that you may need a professional to hook them up, and that scheduling this may require you to live in your home without these services for a few days.  You should be ready to allow for that.

Consider Alternatives

If you feel that living in a transportable home may be too much of a commitment for you, why not consider renting a trailer or caravan to test out the lifestyle before you make the move?  Equally, you could purchase either one of these things to take holidays in, while maintaining your stable roots in a traditional house.  It's expensive – but perhaps it could be worth it for you and your family.

While some things may complicate your ability to move around wherever you like, you will still have the freedom of experiencing life in many different parts of the country.  You will still be able to feed your wandering spirit by never laying down in one spot for too long.  For those who have these dreams, these complications are just a few necessary evils.  If that describes you, then a transportable home is definitely a worthy investment for you.


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