How to Get the Best Colours for Your New Home

Posted on: 1 March 2018

Digital images can be an invaluable resource for people who would like some inspiration in selecting the best colours for a custom home that they wish to build. However, the actual colours that you end up with could vary widely from what you saw on your computer screen in case you don't take measures to ensure the colours match well. Below are critical tips that can help you to get a match between the digital colours and the actual paint used in your new home.

Print the Image

The first thing that you can do is to make a printout of the digital images having the colours that you want. Look at those images and confirm that what you see is what you want. Next, go with those prints to the store when you are ordering paint for the custom home under construction.

Take Your Laptop

It is possible to be unhappy with what you see when you print a digital image. In such a case, it is helpful for you to carry your laptop to the paint supplier/store. Show the people there that image of interest. Ask them to show you the paint that would match the colours in the digital image. The professionals will then select the colours that match what you see in the image.

Take Swatches Home

Another option entails taking some paint swatches home before you make a final selection. Compare those swatches to any objects in your home and the digital image. Pick the colours/hues that form the closest match to what you see in the digital photos or objects.

Hire a Designer

Reduce the stress linked to finding the right colours by working with an interior designer during the process of selecting colours for the custom home. That expert has sufficient training and experience to help you to select and match the colours well so that your new home will bring to life the colours that you have always desired.

Technology has made it possible to come up with a nearly endless list of colours/hues from the primary colours available. Don't rush the colour selection process. Give yourself ample time to check out different colour combinations until you find the options that will make your custom home to look perfect. Ask the custom-home builder for suggestions about the best professionals to work with during this colour selection process before the time to paint the building approaches. 


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