Common Plumbing Issues Every First-time Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

Posted on: 31 July 2018

Becoming a homeowner for the first time can be incredibly exciting. However, just as much as being a homeowner allows you more freedom, it also burdens you with a host of new responsibilities. And since household maintenance is a crucial part of being a homeowner, you need to know the signs of potential decline so that you can seek the right professional services. Your plumbing will be one of those areas that you will need to keep a sharp eye on, as any underlying problems could quickly translate into a plumbing emergency. This article highlights some common plumbing issues that every new homeowner should be aware of.

Slow-draining sinks

If there are any signs of slow drainage in your sinks, whether in the kitchen or the bathtub, you should be wary of potential clogs in your plumbing system. You may elect to take a plunger to the drains, but if you realise that this has become a routine habit, it is time to consider hiring professional plumbing services. Overlooking slow-draining sinks increases the chances of a burst pipe dramatically, and this will be much more expensive to fix than to have the blockages in the piping removed.

Continually dripping faucets

Another plumbing problem that may seem to be merely an irritation is dripping faucets. While the constant patter of droplets landing on the sink might drive you nuts, you should also note that you could be facing exorbitant water bills in the long term. One seemingly innocuous dripping faucet can waste gallons of water annually, which can be quite a blow to your household's budget considering the drought that is currently ravaging Australia. The moment you notice dripping tapware in your home, you need to hire a plumber to ascertain if the faucets can be repaired or if they will require valve replacement.

Chronically leaking pipes

If your first home is an old property, you should take note that you will be at a higher risk of experiencing leaking pipes. The reason why this plumbing issue is typical for older houses is that the plumbing hardware was manufactured from iron. Although iron is initially strong and sturdy, continuous exposure to moisture will eventually cause corrosion inside the interior of the piping. As a result, holes start to form, and you end up with chronic leaks. The best course of action would be either relining your pipes or replacing the plumbing hardware altogether.


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