How to Respond to Your Flooded House in 5 Swift Steps

Posted on: 31 July 2018

What do you do when you come back to a flooded house? Perhaps your sink was leaking, and you said you would call a plumber when you came back from work, but it is now too late. How do you respond to a flood? Below are five things to do when your house floods.

1. Call emergency plumbers

You should have a contact number for emergency plumbers in or around your neighbourhood. The closer the plumbers the faster the help you will get. In case you do not have a number for emergency plumbing services, use the directory or internet to find one. You can also ask your neighbours if they know any emergency plumbers that can help. Make sure to let them know the level of damage so that they can know how many emergency plumbers to send over.

2. Find the source of flooding

If you do not already know, try to find the source of flooding. It is important to stop or reduce the flooding before the emergency plumbers in your locale make their way to your home. Check all the faucets, pipes and tanks if any in the house. Once you locate the source of flooding, try to stop it. Use a solid barrier such as duct tape, sticks, plastic paper or any other innovative idea you may have.

3. Remove your stuff

If you are lucky enough to have caught the flood in its beginning stage, then you may not have a lot of damages to worry about. As you wait for the emergency plumbers to come, try to remove items such as electronics from the way of the flood. Move them outside or to a room in your house that has not been affected. If all rooms are wet, then opt for vertical storage. Place the items that are not waterproof furthest away from the flood.

4. Redirect the water

In case you have ground level drainages, try to push the water towards the drains. Also, open your doors and allow the water to move out. If you leave in a storied rental apartment, make sure to warn your neighbours to watch out for the water. By now, the emergency plumbers in your area should have arrived.

5. Allow the emergency plumbers do their job

After showing the emergency plumbers where the source of plumbing is, let them do their job. You can be drying your wet stuff. This is also the time to allow the plumbers from the emergency plumbing services to do a routine check-up around your house. This will help prevent any other emergency plumbing accidents in the future.

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