Constructing a New Tennis Court? Consider the Benefits of Clay

Posted on: 4 January 2019

Tennis court construction has become one of the most sought-after residential inclusions for homeowners that want to make the most of the space in their yard. And once you do decide to have tennis court builders construct one for you, it is critical to put thought into which type of court will be best for your needs. There are three different styles of courts that you can elect to have constructed on your premises: hard courts, grass courts and clay courts. While each type of court does present its own set of benefits, not many people are aware of why clay courts have stood the test of time in the sport of tennis. Consider the following benefits of constructing your new tennis court out of clay.

Clay courts are less straining for the body

Tennis may seem to be a tamer sport than, say, rugby, but it is quite gruelling on the body. Overexertion during gameplay can translate into a high impact on your joints. The impact of hitting the tennis ball can cause you to develop backaches too. The great thing about clay courts is that they are softer than their hard court varieties. Thus, there is less strain on your body. And if you are raising kids who will want to play the sport too, the clay courts will ensure their joints are protected from undue premature injury, which means they can play the sport for longer. Not to mention that when you have a clay court, you can play tennis as frequently as you want without having to suffer from aches and pains each day.

Clay courts have reduced ball bounce speed

Ball bounce is a critical part of tennis, as it tends to dictate the pace of the game. Thus, when you are playing on a hard court, the ball bounce will be fast, and this can mean a rushed game. Clay courts, on the other hand, have a reduced ball bounce speed. With a slow ball bounce, you get the opportunity to execute an assortment of tennis-playing strategies, which helps in enhancing your technical skills. The slow ball bounce rate is also perfect for beginners in the game since they not get a chance to practice an assortment of strokes while perfecting their technique too. Therefore, if you are an amateur player looking to bolster your game, then a clay court will be perfect for your house.


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