Here's What Bore Maintenance Usually Involves and Why You Shouldn't Ignore It

Posted on: 13 March 2019

Water well installation comes with the responsibility of maintaining the water source throughout its useful life. However, some private well owners don't give their water bore the maintenance attention it requires, because they are oblivious to the importance of bore maintenance. 

If you're planning to drill a borehole on your property, you should know why maintaining it is so important. This way, you will have an impetus to stick to your water bore maintenance schedule.

Here's what water well maintenance usually involves, and why you shouldn't ignore it:

Maintaining Cleanliness Around the Water Bore

If the areas surrounding your water bore are dirty, the dirt can easily find its way into your water source and contaminate the water.

Bore maintenance involves cleaning the area around a well to get rid of any substances that could penetrate the soil and potentially lead to contamination of the water table. These substances include wastewater, animal excreta and debris. 

Monitoring the Water Quality

Keeping the area around a bore clean isn't enough to guarantee good water quality. Contaminants such as mineral deposits and microbial growths found inside the bore itself can also pollute the water and make it unsafe for the intended use.

Periodic water testing is essential to ensure the well water is suitable for use. This is especially so for well owners who get their potable water from the well. Farmers who rely on well water for irrigation and livestock-keeping can also benefit from periodic testing of the water. 

Servicing the Well Structure Itself

Like buildings, the well structure itself can develop structural defects that will need to be fixed to restore the structural soundness of the construction. 

As part of bore maintenance, a professional should inspect the walls and other sections of your well construction to determine if there are structural issues that require repair. This will help to prevent borehole collapse.

Servicing the Water Pumping Equipment

The water pump immersed in your water bore does the difficult job of drawing underground water to the surface for use. 

Like other mechanical equipment, it comprises several parts that wear and tear over time. As part of bore maintenance, your technician will inspect your water-drawing equipment to check for any damaged components that may require repair or replacement.

The above maintenance practices may need to be performed at different times. Make sure you hire a pro for each job. This will go a long way in maintaining a high water yield and increasing the service life of your well.


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