2 Safety Benefits Of Tree Lopping And Why You Should Act Fast

Posted on: 8 July 2019

Done right and by an experienced expert, tree lopping has many advantages. Apart from improved aesthetics and improving the overall health of your tree, this tree care technique is crucial when you think about the safety of people and property nearby.

How is tree lopping good for improving safety? Here is a look at two top safety risks and how cutting off some sections off of your tree will help keep you and your property safe.

Dead Branches That May Fall Off

Diseases can make sections of a tree hollow and weak. In this state, these sections can easily break off at any time, and more so during heavy rains and storms and on windy days. These falling branches can cause serious bodily harm and damage parked cars and other property.

An expert and experienced tree lopping team will be sure to start with cutting off dead branches. The technique will also encourage the growth of new limbs that are healthier and stable in all kinds of weather.

Electrical Hazards

Tree lopping can help you take care of branches that are too close to powerlines. You wouldn't want to wait around and see what may happen when the branches do come into contact with the powerlines. Unnecessary power outages and increased risk of electric shock are just some of the things that you should worry about.

Careful tree lopping can also serve to encourage your tree to grow in a specific direction. This may be critical in ensuring safe clearance distances between the tree and powerlines.

Do Not Wait

It is always a matter of urgency where your safety and the safety of others are concerned. Seeing as how tree lopping can contribute significantly to your safety, you should not wait to call in the experts. There is never a time better than the present to act.

Tree loppers will start by identifying the sections that pose a safety risk. Cutting off these limbs will remove the immediate danger posed and ensure that you are protected even in the future.

For the best results, ensure that you choose qualified and experienced tree loppers who know what they are doing. The last thing you want to have to worry about is the cut sections crashing down on people and property or the same cut sections falling onto the very powerlines you were trying to keep clear of in the first place.


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