Is your bathroom properly waterproofed?

Posted on: 29 August 2019

Bathrooms are by far the wettest room in the house, and ensuring that your bathroom is properly waterproofed so that the water does not penetrate beyond the outer surfaces of the room has never been more important. While adequate bathroom waterproofing is sensible from a practical perspective it is also important from a legal point of view since installing proper waterproofing is a legal requirement and you must ensure that your home is fully compliant with Australian Standards.

What exactly does bathroom waterproofing involve?

While the idea of bathroom waterproofing may seem simple it actually involves protecting many areas of your room. Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building an entirely new property you must ensure that the most appropriate waterproof membrane is fitted in your bathroom. It is possible to purchase the right products and try to take on the job yourself but to achieve the best results it often makes sense to call in qualified experts who have amassed years of practical bathroom waterproofing experience. They will know which waterproof membrane is right for your situation and they will ensure that every part of your room is effectively waterproofed. If you do want to take on the job yourself here are some of the regulations that you will need to follow.

The shower walls will need to be waterproofed to a level of 150mm over the shower floor substrate and the walls of the shower will need to be resistant to water up to 150mm over the showerhead. You will need to check that both external and internal horizontal and corner joints within the shower area must be waterproofed along with any plasterboard joints that reach into the shower area.

Away from the shower area, you must ensure that the floor and any horizontal surfaces which connect with an insert-bath are correctly waterproofed. Other points that will require special attention include fixing penetrations which must be correctly sealed. If you happen to have a frameless shower screen then you will need a total floor waterproofing system.

Trust the services of an expert

Instead of struggling to waterproof your bathroom correctly why not leave it to a trained waterproofing technician? Not only can you be assured that the best membrane is applied to your bathroom but the work will come with a warranty so you can be certain of peace of mind for many years to come. For more help, contact services such as Westside Sealants Pty Ltd.


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