4 Tips for Demolishing a Concrete Building

Posted on: 17 September 2019

Concrete is a sturdy and durable material for any building. Many structures use concrete to resist earthquakes, inclement weather and normal wear and tear. However, when it comes to demolishing a concrete-reinforced building, things can quickly get complicated.

Concrete disintegrates into rubble that causes a huge mess. The dust released by concrete might also pollute the surrounding air and affect workers on site. This is why you should carefully prepare for any concrete demolition project.

Here are four tips to consider as you plan to bring down your structure.     

Choose a contractor that uses the right equipment

Demolishing concrete will require much more than just a bulldozer and sledgehammers. You'll need a combination of advanced tools and equipment to get the job done safely and cost-effectively. Therefore, hiring the right demolition contractor is crucial.

A demolition contractor will begin by determining how much concrete is on your walls, floors and other sections of the building. After creating a detailed map of concrete mass, they will then proceed to use the right equipment during demolition.

What makes concrete challenging to deal with is its density. Once your building has been brought down, there will be piles of rubble that need to be safely hauled away. This is why you need an experienced contractor who can handle the entire process from planning to clean up.

Obtain a permit in advance

Local municipalities tend to be quite strict when demolishing concrete. If mishandled, this heavy material can cause damage, injury to people and pollution.

Make sure you begin the process of obtaining your permit in advance. You may need to demonstrate specific steps that you took to ensure the safety of workers and the environment.

Ensure high safety standards

Most importantly, you should consider the environmental safety of your demolition project. When concrete disintegrates, it can release fine particles that irritate the respiratory system. These particles consist of silica, dust and other fine chemicals that are harmful when inhaled.

Make sure everyone working on the demolition site has a respiratory mask at all times. Your demolition contractor can help with planning and implementing safety on the demolition site.     

Secure the site

Because concrete disintegrates into rubble, don't forget to secure your demolition site from other nearby properties. There is always a risk of large blocks breaking into smaller portions that can potentially cause damage. In addition to a fence, the building should be kept clear of vehicles and other vulnerable structures nearby.   


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