Things to Consider to Ensure Your Pool Is Safe to Use After Dark

Posted on: 14 December 2019

If you love the idea of taking a night-time dip, or if you simply don't have time to swim until late in the evening, then there are certain considerations you should make. You may need to call an electrician and ensure the following tasks are completed before you start using your pool after dark.

Ensure that any broken underwater lights in the pool undergo electrical repairs

If your pool has underwater recessed lights that are broken you must arrange for them to undergo needed electrical repair work before you begin swimming in the evenings. Aside from the fact that it is probably quite eerie to swim in a badly-lit pool late at night, it can also put you in danger.

If there aren't enough functional lights in the pool, you may find it difficult to see where the pool ends. This could result in you not stopping soon enough when you start approaching one end of the structure and subsequently hitting your head against the pool's interior. This could be extremely dangerous, as this head injury could knock you out or disorientate you, in which case you might not be able to keep swimming.

In short, you need all of your pool lights to be functional. If repairs need to be done to some of them, you may need to drain your pool before the electrician arrives so that they can access the broken lights without having to partially submerge themselves and their tools in water.  

Have your electrician fit an electric heat pump

Another job that your electrician might need to do is fit an electric heat pump. Even if you live somewhere that is warm most of the time, the temperature could still drop quite low late at night. Furthermore, you won't be able to rely on the heat from the sun to warm the pool water. If you swim in unheated water on a chilly evening, you may find it hard to warm up your muscles or to focus on your swimming technique, as you will feel far too cold. More worryingly, if you take a dip on a particularly cold night, the chances of you experiencing hypothermia could be quite high.

Having your electrician fit a heat pump will allow you to safely and comfortably use your pool at night, even when it's freezing outside. The heat pump itself should not cost much and having it installed could make a huge difference to how much you enjoy your late-night dips.


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