Built-In Wall Unit Ideas for Children's Rooms

Posted on: 26 February 2020

One difficult area of the home to design is a child's room. This is especially true if you are trying to go with a design that will grow with the child. One way to accomplish the design ideas you have in mind while still meeting your long-term goals is to use built-in wall units. Below are some ideas using this type of construction technique. Keep in mind, each of these ideas can be scaled for larger or smaller rooms.

Built-In Window Storage

If you have limited space, one of the ways you can use built-in wall units is to create a window unit option. This option has the built-in units on either side of the window and a unit underneath the window. This gives you storage on both sides of the window, under the window and allows for a built-in window seat as well. Initially the child can use this unit for toy storage and, as they grow, they can begin using the unit for books, clothing, blankets and other items. 

Built-In Cube Units

Cube storage offers several different options for a child's room. For example, the open cube areas can store books. You can also use cube storage bins to store and hide toys and other items. You can create designs using the storage bins within the built-in cube units. As your child grows, they can choose to use these cubes as either open, visible storage for items such as books and pictures, or they can use bins to house sporting items or personal items that would not fit in other storage pieces like dresser drawers.

Built-In Dresser

A dresser can take up a large amount of space in a child's room. This is especially true if the child's room is smaller or has limited space for a dresser due to the design of the room. One built-in unit to consider is a built-in dresser. This type of dresser can be built into the wall and allow your child to have the drawers of the dresser visible, but within the wall itself. This allows for a smooth, streamlined look while avoiding using much needed space in the room itself. 

If you would like to incorporate built-in wall units into your child's room, contact your local contractor or home remodeling specialist. They can help you with design options that work well with your child's needs and the room design. They can also answer questions about pricing and other issues you may have with installation and implementing the design you have in mind. 


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