3 Aspects That Demand Special Attention When Designing a Competitive Commercial Building

Posted on: 3 June 2020

Designing a commercial building is about more than having the money you need to do it. If you don't pay attention to the other design aspects, the building won't be as functional and appealing as you expected it to be. But if you consult a competent architectural consultant to design your commercial building, it's easier to harmonise its functionality and aesthetics so you can meet all your business needs. See what you should think about when designing your commercial building.

Harmonised Interiors and Exteriors

When designing a commercial building, you should harmonise the interior and exterior design features. If you don't balance them, the building won't be appealing to your target customers. But when the interior and exterior features are harmonised, it's easier to create equilibrium.

To achieve this, the architectural consultant should use a design that supports symmetry. Consider how the windows and doors will be placed and how the appliances like the air conditioning units will be installed if you want the clients to find the building aesthetically pleasing. The temporary screens and walls should make the exterior and interior spaces more captivating.

Quality Construction Materials

Working with professional architectural consultants and building contractors is a great idea. However, it won't make your design process successful if you don't consider the quality of the construction materials you will use. A perfect design shouldn't just focus on how large the commercial building will be, but also on its structural integrity.

Where possible, you should use easily fabricated and durable materials to make the beams of your commercial building. Although you may use timber when making the framing system of the building, you could still consider steel due to its versatility and strength.

Clients' and Employees' Safety

You should give safety special attention when designing your commercial building. If you don't do so, you won't just lose potential customers but also risk lawsuits when the clients or employees sustain injuries at your premises. Install adequate guardrails, railings and lighting and choose non-slip materials for your flooring to enhance safety.

However, the measures to keep your clients and employees safe shouldn't compromise the aesthetic appeal of your commercial building. Get a safety specialist to work closely with your architectural consultant to come up with a beautiful and functional design.

How competitive you want your commercial building to be will depend on how you design it. So choose design plans that will impress the potential clients who will walk through the doors of your commercial building. If you miss a mark at the architectural stage of your commercial building, you will lose more business opportunities to your competitors. Reach out to a professional who provides commercial building design


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Hello, my name is Craig and I own a large commercial business which is located in Brisbane, Australia. When I purchased my current premises, my company was quite small. However, as my sales improved and I began to buy more stock, I suddenly found that I didn't have room to store it or display it in my small shop. I started to look for new premises but the cost of moving would be very high. Thankfully, my friend suggested I build an extension. I contacted a team of contractors. They constructed a great extension and my business is now doing really well.

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