Analysing The Pros And Cons Of The Three Main Types Of Pool Tiles

Posted on: 29 October 2020

Choosing the right pool tiles is not as easy as it might seem when looking in from the outside. While there aren't too many options, the ones that do exist are very different from each other. So what are these differences, and how do you pick the right pool tiles for your home? Well, that is still going to be a personal choice, but it will be easier to make when you are properly informed on the three main types and what their benefits and negatives are. Here is a brief look into those three main types of pool tiles and what their differences and similarities are. 


Stone tiles look beautiful and are a timeless choice that will look great even as they age. You can also choose more premium options if you want a more upmarket look, such as quartz or marble. However, your basic stone pool tiles are just as effective and are a great affordable alternative that looks premium without the price tag. The only problem that many people have with stone pool tiles is that they are a little bit plain or boring, and a lot of grey coloured tiles can be a bit of an eyesore. Still, these tiles are solid and perfect for those who want a simple look that doesn't require too much maintenance. 


On the other end of the spectrum are mosaic tiles, which are well known for their interesting patterns and aesthetic appeal. Many of the most famous pools in the world have intricate designs made from mosaic pool tiles, and you can get something similar without breaking the budget. They are, indeed, a bit more expensive than traditional stone tiles, and they also require a lot more effort to clean as the grouting can become faded and ugly. Still, for those who don't mind spending a bit more on maintenance and the proper equipment to clean them, mosaic tiles are a stunning choice.


Porcelain tiles are often confused with stone tiles because they are generally made to emulate those features but in a cheaper material. Porcelain pool tiles are still strong in their own right but don't have the natural toughness and ability to weather the environment that natural stone tiles do. Still, if you don't have the budget or just want a small area tiled, porcelain tiles make a great substitute. To the untrained eye, they look almost exactly the same, and they don't feel too different either. If you want a clean look that you can upgrade later, porcelain is perfect. 


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