When Are Building Surveying Inspections Done on Houses?

Posted on: 25 May 2021

Building surveying inspectors are professionals who are trained and knowledgeable about how structures should be built and what local building codes and requirements are. These professionals are typically licensed or certified to perform inspections on houses and other structures to determine their condition and to determine whether or not they violate applicable building codes. These are some of the times when these professionals are contacted to perform inspections on houses.

When a Homeowner Files an Insurance Claim

When a homeowner files an insurance claim, they might do so because their home has been seriously damaged in a storm or flood. Insurance companies often need help with determining the condition of homes that they insure, and they may also want to have the home inspected after the claim is paid out and the work is done, just to be sure that the home has been repaired as it was supposed to be. Luckily, building surveying inspectors are often able to help with these processes.

When a New Home Is Built

When a new home is first built, hopefully, there should not be any problems with the home not being built up to code and up to modern standards. After all, this is something that the building contractors who work on the project should pay attention to along the way. However, building surveying inspections are still typically done on brand new homes that have been built. This is done to help ensure that the home was built up to code. If it wasn't, then the builders might have to go back and make changes to the home so that it can pass inspection before anyone can live in it.

When a Home Is Dilapidated

Over the years, older homes can sometimes become dilapidated. This can lead to them being dangerous for people to live in. They can even pose a public health and safety issue even if no one is living in the house. When a house is pointed out as potentially being dilapidated, a building surveying inspection is typically done to see if this is the case. Then, the homeowner is typically informed of any violations or safety issues. Then, the homeowner typically has a chance to remedy this issue by having the home repaired so that it is compliant with all of the local building codes and requirements, or else they may be forced to have the home torn down.

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