What Are Some of the Things That a Commercial Project Manager Might Do to Help With Your Commercial Building Project?

Posted on: 20 July 2021

If you are preparing to have a commercial building project done, then chances are good that you are probably going to want a little bit of help. Luckily, there are commercial project managers who specialize in helping with these types of projects. These are some of the things that you will probably be able to count on your commercial project manager to do.

Help With Finding Land

If you are having your building constructed on the land that your company already owns, then your commercial project manager can skip this step. If you are still looking for a suitable property to build on, however, your commercial project manager might help you with finding a suitable piece of land that is in the right location, that fits your budget, that is properly zoned for commercial property and that is otherwise suitable for your needs.

Help With Coming Up With Building Plans

You might need help with coming up with building plans for your commercial project. A commercial project manager might have some of their own advice, and they should know about the best architects, engineers and other professionals to work with in order to come up with a good building plan.

Assisting With Checking Out Contractors

Once you have your design, it will be time to start looking for contractors who might be able to help with your project. A commercial project manager might help with checking out bids from various contractors who are interested in working on your project, such as by doing their research about each contractor. Then, they can help you make the right decision about which contractor you should hire.

Working With Contractors

Once you have chosen and hired a contractor, you might find that your commercial project manager will be the main one who works with them. They might make some minor decisions on your behalf and might handle things like scheduling, progress checks and more while working with the contractor.

Working With Inspectors

In addition to working with the contractors and other professionals that your company is hiring to help with your building project, your commercial project manager will also probably help with things like working with inspectors. If inspections need to be done and your contractor is not handling it for you, for example, your commercial project manager might reach out to the inspector's office to schedule an inspection, and they will make arrangements for someone to be there for the inspection if necessary.

If you need help with commercial project management, contact a local commercial project manager.


How Contractors Helped my Commercial Business

Hello, my name is Craig and I own a large commercial business which is located in Brisbane, Australia. When I purchased my current premises, my company was quite small. However, as my sales improved and I began to buy more stock, I suddenly found that I didn't have room to store it or display it in my small shop. I started to look for new premises but the cost of moving would be very high. Thankfully, my friend suggested I build an extension. I contacted a team of contractors. They constructed a great extension and my business is now doing really well.

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