Where will you get your excavators?

Posted on: 4 October 2021

Are you starting a building project? Maybe you are managing a construction firm starting a large commercial project. or perhaps your project is on a smaller scale, and you are building an extension to your property or clearing fields on your farm before redeveloping them. Whatever you want to do, you must have all the equipment you need to complete the project.

What do you need?

Only the smallest building projects can be completed manually. Normally, if you want to complete a project in a reasonable timescale, you must arrange for excavation and plant hire. Of course, knowing that you need to call an excavation and plant hire company doesn't help you decide what type of equipment you need. You must consider carefully what holes you want to dig, whether the ground must be cleared or levelled first and how much compacting is needed before building work can start. If you aren't sure whether a particular piece of plant has the capabilities you need, speak to the hiring company. They will understand what their equipment can do. They can guide you to the right choice for your project.

Wouldn't it be better to buy the excavators?

If your building project is likely to run for a while, it can sometimes seem that paying monthly fees to the excavation and plant hire company is a waste of money. You might think that you would be better off if you purchased the equipment you need rather than paying out each month and ending up with nothing. There are a few circumstances when buying heavy equipment is the right choice, but, hiring the equipment offers far better value. Here are two reasons that excavation and plant hire is the best choice.

No added costs

With excavation and plant hire, all you pay is the agreed fee. You can have complete confidence that there will be no other expenses. You won't have to worry about any repair or storage costs for the plant once the job has finished. You won't even need to bring in a maintenance crew to take care of the plant. If there are any issues or concerns about the equipment, you can call the hiring company, and they will take care of it for you.

No hassle

When you buy heavy equipment, there is always the chance that something could go wrong with it. If the equipment fails, you must spend time and money fixing it, and while the equipment is down, your project is getting behind schedule.

A further problem with buying equipment is finding somewhere to store it once the project ends. You must either pay for storage or sell it. If you sell the plant, you are unlikely to recover your purchasing costs, and you will have had the added expense of placing advertisements and dealing with the potential buyers coming to view the equipment.

Once these two reasons are considered, excavation and plant hire becomes the obvious choice.


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