A Guide On How To Buy A Pump For Your Construction Site

Posted on: 18 November 2021

Water pumps are a critical element in any construction site. Typically, they enable contractors to pump water from underground reservoirs or water tankers to storeys above where it's required for various building works. Although there are many water pump models on sale, you need to carefully search to establish which pump best works at your site. Read the article below to know what to look out for when buying a water pump. 


Although little-known companies could produce quality pumps, there is always a slight risk that the equipment has not been market-tested. Therefore, you should consider reputable companies whose products have been used by thousands of customers over the years. This gives you an advantage when examining the durability of the pump. For example, previous customers will inform you about the pump's maintenance protocol, the problems it could develop and where to source spare parts. Such assessment gives you confidence in your purchase since you avoid surprises with the pump. 

Pump Features

How do you intend to use the pump? Look out for the following features: 

  • Power source: The pump can be electrical or driven by a diesel or petrol engine. Electrical pumps are environmentally friendly. On the other hand, diesel-powered pumps are durable and ideal for large applications. Although petrol pumps are not as reliable as diesel pumps, they are cheap.
  • Flow rate is the amount of water that the pump can push every minute. For a construction site, you will need a pump with a high flow rate.
  • What is the pump's maximum head? This is the vertical height at which the equipment can pump water. Ensure that the pump's maximum head is more than the height of the building. 

Buying Used Pumps 

If you are on a budget or need the pump for a short-term project, you may opt to buy a used pump. The primary benefit of used pumps is that they depreciate slowly. Therefore, you can still get a reasonable price on the pump after a few months of use. The secret to buying used pumps is going for recent models that still have a valid manufacturer warranty. These pumps are less likely to develop problems since they have run for a short period. 

Examine the condition of the used pump. For example, it should not have any leakages. Besides, test it to ensure it can pump water to its maximum head. Strange sounds and cavitation are signs of poor maintenance. Finally, ensure ownership before paying for the pump.  

When buying a water pump, go for reliable models, examine the pump's features and consider the recommended tips when buying used pumps. Keep these tips in mind when buying water pumps, such as Davey pumps.


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