Reopening a Mine? Get a Mining Engineer on Your Team First

Posted on: 27 July 2022

The purchase of an old mining claim that's been long inactive doesn't sound like the best purchase at first, but if new mining technology means it's possible to once again extract minerals or gems at the mine, it could be worth it. However, you have to be very careful when you do this, not only to ensure you're going to get a mine that will be productive but also to make sure there are no hidden problems that could affect you or your miners. A mining engineer, or even an engineering company, is an essential part of the team, as they are the ones who can figure out if the mining plan is actually doable. You'll also need their help to get the materials out should they deem the reopening justified.

You'll Need to Submit Plans to the State

All mining operations need approval, and that includes old mines that you're attempting to reopen. You can't rely on previous plans as you're using newer technology, looking in different areas, and dealing with an old claim that could have substantially changed in the intervening years in terms of soil stability and proximity to development. Have a mining engineering company complete these plans along with the rest of your team to show your state that your plans are viable and that they will be safe to execute.

The Safety of the Old Mine Site Needs Current Evaluation

In the years when the mine was closed, the soil could have eroded, seismic activity could have destabilised the interior of the mine, new residential and commercial developments may have encroached on old mine land, and people looking to dump chemicals or junk may have decided the abandoned mine site would be a great place to do so. Mining engineers need to evaluate the site to ensure that it will be safe for workers, that mining noise and materials won't affect anyone living or working nearby, and that the worksite can be set up to mitigate potential issues.

You'll Need to Find the Most Efficient Routes to Minable Deposits

If the site has been deemed safe and you do have evidence that the new technology will allow you to extract a lot of a certain mineral, then you need to find the most efficient route to the deposits that you want to find. Once again, your mining engineers can help you figure out where to mine so that you're not blindly tunnelling through rock and soil.

If you're starting a new mining company and don't have mining engineers on staff, or if you're in an established company but have not dealt with reopening old mines before and your current engineers are busy with other projects, contract with a mining engineering company immediately.


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