Two common misconceptions about directional drilling services

Posted on: 15 August 2023

Here are two misconceptions about directional drilling services.

The types of projects in which these services can be used are limited

One misconception about these services is that the types of projects for which they're suitable are very limited. In reality, the services offered by directional drilling contractors can prove useful in many types of circumstances. For example, directional drilling equipment can be used for the installation of a variety of underground utility lines (including telecommunications, electricity, gas and water lines) in many areas where creating big open-cut excavations would be highly disruptive or hazardous (such as on motorways and in urban areas). In these circumstances, the use of directional drilling equipment to create small openings in the ground, through which the equipment can be inserted and used to install the utility lines, can allow this work to be done in a safer and minimally disruptive manner, which will have less of an effect on local residents and the flow of traffic within the area.

Directional drilling equipment can also be used for many other civil engineering projects. For instance, directional drilling contractors are often hired to create underground tunnels or bores for transportation systems, such as metro systems as well as for underpasses for cyclists and pedestrians. These contractors are also often hired to make underground flood control channels (through which floodwater can flow during heavy rainfall) and to create underground water reservoirs.

Directional drilling has a negative effect on the environment

Another misconception is that directional drilling has a negative impact on the environment. This misconception may have arisen because of the inclusion of this equipment in the negative portrayals of the gas and oil industries within the media. The truth is that directional drilling can often be used as a safe method of adding infrastructure to environmentally-sensitive areas and can even be used to resolve certain environmental issues within specific locations.

For example, contractors can use it for the creation of underground bores in nature reserves (where open-cut excavations could wreak havoc on the habitats of many plants and animals) with minimal disruption to the surface of the soil. This, in turn, can allow these professionals to add new underground infrastructure to these areas without causing significant harm to the local flora or fauna. Similarly, in areas where the soil has been contaminated and this is negatively affecting the local wildlife or plantlife, directional drilling contractors can use their equipment to create openings in the ground (again, with minimal effect on the surface of the land) so that treatments can be inserted into the ground to address the pollution and restore the soil's health.

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