What's the Best Way to Protect Your Asphalt Installation?

Posted on: 23 November 2022

Asphalt is a fantastic material when it comes to creating a large parking area or driveway with a view to longevity. Yet it does need some maintenance from time to time. Otherwise, it will begin to wear down, and you will need to conduct an ever-growing list of repairs. So what's the best way to protect asphalt once you have introduced it, and when you decide to coat the surface, how do you apply this protective layer?

Choosing Seal Coating

Most experts agree that seal coating is the most effective way to protect asphalt. It will minimise wear and tear and maximise the time between protective procedures.

Protecting against the Elements

Unfortunately, asphalt is not very good at resisting harsh sunlight, and its ultraviolet rays may begin to oxidise the solution. This will make the surface more brittle, and when this happens, it will tend to soak up water which can lead to cracking. It will also be very vulnerable to a freeze/thaw process if you live in that part of the country.

Considering the Answers

Sealants can add a protective layer to the asphalt and should certainly cut down on a potential repair bill. There are different ways to apply this sealant: "squeegee" or spray.

Squeegee Solution

When you squeegee sealant on your asphalt, this will effectively force the liquid into the surface. It's a very labour-intensive process, and not always easy to get a consistent result.

Spray Application

Conversely, spraying tends to get a more uniform application, and it's certainly a lot easier to deploy. The contractor will typically have a wheel-mounted tank and will simply spray the application under high pressure onto the relevant service. It's quick and quite easy, with a lot less time involved.

Making Your Decision

So, when it comes to seal coating, you are best advised to choose a spray application. Just remember that you will need to clean the area carefully, remove debris, and ensure that the seal coating can work effectively. It'll help you to protect your paved surface from those damaging UV rays and will also restore its appearance. Remember, seal coating is not a "one and done" process but will need to be reapplied as the years roll on.

Bringing in the Experts

For further advice, talk with a specialist contractor. They will have a closer look at your facility and advise you about the best course of action. 

For more info about driveway spray sealing, contact a local professional. 


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